8:00 PM Thursday, October 5th: The Abominable Crime


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Micah Fink; 2013; USA/Canada/Jamaica/Netherlands/UK; 65 min

The Abominable Crime is a story about a mother’s love for her child and an activist’s troubled love for his country. It gives voice to gay Jamaicans who are forced to flee their homeland. Simone, a young lesbian single mother, survives a brutal anti-gay shooting. Now she must choose between hiding with her daughter in Jamaica or escaping to seek safety and asylum abroad. Maurice, Jamaica’s leading human-rights activist, is outed shortly after filing a lawsuit challenging his country’s anti-sodomy law. After receiving a flood of death threats, he escapes to Canada, and then risks everything to return to continue his activism.

Q & A with Maurice Tomlinson (subject) and Micah Fink (director) – Moderated by Fareed Mostoufi, Senior Education Manager, The Pulitzer Center

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