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Miguel is a young and beloved fisherman from Cabo Blanco, a small fishing village on the north coast of Peru, where there are traditions deeply rooted in regard to death. Miguel is married to Mariela, seven months pregnant with their first child, but has an extremely...

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Key West In Winston-Salem @ Second & Green Tavern

Key West in Winston Salem @ Second & Green Tavern Saturday, June 17th 7-11 PM After Party 11-2 AM Donations: $10 General Admission $15-$25 includes 1 Drink Ticket $26-$34 includes 2 Drink Tickets $35-$49 includes 3 Drink Tickets $50-$99 includes UNLIMITED Beer...

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Past Screenings:

4th MAN OUT will screen on March 12th, 7:00 PM @ UNCSA

Please make plan to join us on March 12th, 7:00 PM at UNCSA’s ACE Theatre Complex for the comedy/drama, 4th Man Out. 4th Man Out Director Andrew Nackman crafts a very engaging and moving portrait of a small town bromance as a car mechanic comes out to his...

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OUT at the Movies Int'l LGBT Film Fest ’17

October 5th – 8th

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